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If we look at our extensive supply around horses and the
horseriding today and we see the excellent combination
between horse medical supply, horse breeding and horse
just attitude, as well as the education possibilities of
horse and rider, sometimes we have to think back.

It was in 1971 when we moved to the country in order to
open our veterinary practice where Holsteiner and Trakehner
are raised. Chance led us to Luerschau, where we purchased
a little house with modest stables for our own horses.

Much things, working perfectly today, must be improvised in
the begining. Much things describing the standard in Luer-
schau today, we wouldn’t have thought of at that time. We
came to terms with many defects and concentrated us on
our veterinary practice.

Soon we could work out a good reputation for us and on
and on the requirements made a restructuring of our plant

It started with the expansion of the stables for own horses
and the stationary accommodation of our patients. A sepa-
rate treatment room got necessary. We needed an indoor
arena for movement therapy and for the numerous purchase
and lameness examinations.

The tasks of a cover station joined our veterinary practice, at
the beginning for the Trakehner friends and later on (1994)
also for the Holsteiner breeders association.

The first private customers came and the riding business
started to establish in Luerschau. By that we had to think
about expanding or replacing things, we built once. An out-
door riding arena was built, the makeshift riding hall was
replaced and the place got scarce.

For our luck the possibility arose to purchase property of our
neighbour, which brought us urgently needed grazing areas
and more possibilities for expansion. Through this we could
improve our offers in breeding and breeding preparation and
also our rearing support.

So it came that many Holsteiner and Trakehner breeders like
to take up our offers again and again. Beside these activities
in 1998 the increased riding activities of our adopted
daughter Karin Winter-Polac joined.

As a Master of horse economy in riding and a successful dres-
sage rider, the conditions with our small indoor riding arena
and the often not utilizable outdoor arena weren't sufficient.
Into 2002 we built an indoor riding arena in the measure of
20 x 60 meters.

This look back on more than 30 years in Luerschau, is, if we
won’t look on the obstacles and difficulties, a look back at
more than 30 years successful work to the welfare of the horses.
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